A Letter from CleanPath®

To Our Trailblazing Customers,

When we first launched CleanPath three years ago, our dream was to create a better way to buy cleaning products. That dream became reality as hundreds of thousands of people across the country welcomed CleanPath into their homes, experiencing the convenience of buying concentrate refill pods and the savings of a reusable bottle.

This committment to innovation continues with the launch of an all new CleanPath, coming this summer. New cutting edge chemistry, more powerful super concentrate refill pods and even the ability to design your own reusable bottles are just a few of the new features that people are going to love.

You won't be able to find the all new CleanPath on any retail shelf but only online at www.mycleanpath.com.

To make these exciting new features possible, we are moving packaging for CleanPath to the newest version of Replenish Bottling's refill system- Replenish 3.0. Unfortunately, this means that older CleanPath reusable bottles and refill pods will not work with the new CleanPath. Furthermore, manufacturing for the old CleanPath product line has officially ended.

We understand this may be an inconvenience and we want to make it right. We will be offering all existing CleanPath customers an exclusive discount to make the switch to the all new CleanPath.

Please register your email below so we can send you a discount code when the new products are available for purchase.

Thank you for your continued support in helping CleanPath create a better way to clean.

— Team CleanPath

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