• When I squeeze the Refill Pod, the concentrate won’t come out?

    Make sure you remove the foil seal from the Refill Pod before squeezing. See below.

    Remove Foil Seal

  • Do I use both hands to squeeze the Refill Pod?

    Yes, gently squeeze the Refill Pod with both hands, using your thumb and index fingers. You’ll be a pro in no time. Soon the entire family will be waiting for their chance to squeeze.

  • How do I know if I added enough concentrate to the bottle?

    The built-in measuring cup inside the bottle makes it easy. Turn the bottle upside down and gently squeeze concentrate from the Refill Pod to the fill-line on the measuring cup. Turn the bottle right side up and simply add water. No mess, no fuss and no guessing. 

  • How much concentrate does the measuring cup hold?

    At the fill-line, the measuring cup holds exactly 1fl oz of concentrate.

  • How long will the Reusable Bottle last?

    CleanPath Reusable Bottles are thicker, more durable and made to last for years, not months. With that said, you should treat your bottle with care and not drop it, since it is built for normal use.

  • How long will the spray head/foaming pump last?

    All sprayers and pumps are tested to lasts for 10,000 trigger sprays/pumps. In many cases, the spray heads and pumps may last even longer. 

  • Is either the Reusable Bottle or Refill Pod recyclable?

    Yes, both are recyclable. The Reusable Bottle is made of PETG (#1 recycling code) and the Refill Pod is made of PP (#4 recycling code) We encourage you to remove the shrink sleeves from the Reusable Bottle and the Refill Pod before recycling to make them even easier for facilities to process. 

  • Will the Reusable Bottle leak if I remove the Refill Pod?

    No, the bottle will not leak. The Reusable Bottle has a one-way valve at the bottom that keeps the mixed solution inside the bottle.

  • Can I switch Refill Pods to change fragrances?

    Yes, you can. If you mix one bottle with a certain fragrance, you can switch to a new fragrance by switching Refill Pods. Just make sure the Refill Pod is being used with the correct Reusable Bottle. 

  • How many ounces of concentrate does a Refill Pod hold?

    Each refill pod holds 3 fl oz of concentrate, which will make 3 bottles of cleaner. 

  • When I add water, why do I leave the air bubble inside the measuring cup?

    We factored the air pocket that forms inside the measuring cup into the dilution ratio of the formula.

  • How many ounces does the Foaming Hand Soap hold?

    Each Reusable Bottle holds 10 fl. oz. and since each Refill Pod makes 3 bottles, you get 30 fl. oz. of soap. Congratulations! The entire family can keep their hands clean.

  • How many ounces does Multi-Surface Cleaner hold?

    Each Reusable Bottle holds 16 fl. oz. and since each Refill Pod makes 3 bottles, you get 48 fl. oz. of cleaner.  Now, you can keep your house clean longer.