Make Clean Easy

CleanPath makes cleaning easier with concentrate refill pods that make 6 bottles of hard working, eco-friendly, delicious smelling clean.

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This isn’t fake news. Almost all cleaning products are 90% water. Crazy, right? 

CleanPath is different. We deliver 6 bottles worth of sustainable-inspired cleaner inside a concentrate refill pod that attaches directly to a reusable mixing bottle. 

So stop buying cleaners that are nothing but water and plastic and make your own premium cleaners for about half the price (with 90% less plastic) of disposable brands. 

CleanPath is also the first cleaning brand designed for e-commerce and complete start-to-finish product customization.

Is your favorite color yellow? Design your own yellow, reusable soap or trigger bottle. Have a picture of your kids, a pet or an alter-ego avatar? Print it on the side and let the world know you do things differently.

And since you add the water at home, you don’t pay for water, plastic or ridiculous prices for the convenience of buying online. Just for awesome, sustainable inspired cleaners and a reusable bottle that is just as unique as you.

Let's Get Started

New Customer?
Design a Starter Bottle

✓ Makes 6 bottles

✓ Starts at $17.95

✓ Pay about $2.99 a bottle

Happy Returning Customer?
Get your Refill Pods

✓ One Pod Makes 6 bottles

✓ Starts at $11.95

✓ Pay about $1.99 a bottle

✓ Two Pods Make 12 bottles

✓ Starts at $18.95

✓ Pay about $1.58 a bottle

We regret that previous versions of CleanPath reusable bottles and refill pods have been discontinued and are not compatible with the all new CleanPath.

A Note from CleanPath Founder Jason Foster

Jason Foster

Why start a cleaning products company? It wasn’t something I ever expected to do.

Anyone with young children or a busy house knows, you are constantly washing hands and cleaning up. And before you know it, you are spending a small fortune on boring, unattractive, disposable cleaning products. Especially if you are buying on-line, like most families are doing these days. And hey, if Elon Musk happens to come over and needed to wash his hands, I want him to say “Cool bottle! Where did you get that?”

I knew there had to be a better way.

You see, I am also the founder of Replenish Bottling, a refill pod system that makes it easy to mix concentrates with water. It’s an invention I dreamed up after realizing that most of the home products we buy are 90% water, including cleaners. It was the perfect chance for my work to solve a problem at home.

By using liquid concentrates and the water already in our homes (the same stuff we shower with everyday), I could apply the latest advances in green chemistry to make a more convenient, e-commerce friendly, affordable, sustainable and better looking line of home cleaning products.

So now you know the inside story behind CleanPath and why my daughter asks “Daddy, did you sell any bottles today?” I will proudly put CleanPath up against any brand on the market, eco-friendly or not!

Thank you for listening,

PS- If anyone has Elon Musk’s cell number, I'd like to invite him over for dinner.