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“Reusing things is much better.”

“Reusing things is much better.”

Last week, IKEA Canada released a remake of the iconic 2002 Spike Jonze commercial, “Lamp.”

The original video follows the video of an old lamp, who is hauled to the wintery, windy streets when replaced by a newer model. Queue the sad music and you quickly feel a connection with the lamp - who is pitifully left for it’s assumed fate: a landfill.

In the remake, the lamp is collected by a young girl walking by it on the street. She brings the lamp home where it is loved and given a new purpose.

IKEA Canada presents the commercial, stating: “...the more we reuse, the more we light the way for a brighter future.”

We couldn’t agree more.

The commercial demonstrates a strategic shift in thinking towards the act of reusing. When you have a perfectly good product, what is the rationale behind contributing a landfill? It may be a lamp, a glass jar, a household cleaner. Whatever the item may be, it’s easy to see that the days of replacing over reusing are becoming something of the past.

This taps into our mission at CleanPath - to create a clean we can all feel good about.

35 billion plastic bottles are thrown away each year in the United States. Let’s do something about it.

Pledge to be a re-user and do some damage to the damage being done.