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Just Add Water

Yes. It's really that simple. Each refill pod of CleanPath® makes 6 bottles of cleaner. So stop making trips to the store to buy water and plastic that you don’t need. Make premium, professional quality cleaners at home for almost half the price of other brands.

How it Works

Let’s do this! After you twist your refill pod tightly to the bottom of your bottle, turn it upside down.

Next gently push down with your fingers to release concentrate to the fill line on the measuring cup. Three or so pushes should do.

Next, turn the bottle right side up and slowly add water to the top of the bottle. Voila! You just saved a bunch of money and plastic.

Tips to Mix like a Pro

1) How to push down the refill pod

Hold bottle with two hands and push down with your fingers on the bottom of the refill pod. 4 pushes should do it!

2) Fill concentrate to here

Fill concentrate to just above the triangle and below the line on the measuring cup.

3) Remove trapped air from the measuring cup

Fill bottle half way with water, then slowly tilt the bottle sideways to allow water to flow under the measuring cup.